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Frequently Asked Questions

Your card will get charged upon signing up and you can cancel at anytime. In order to sign up, you must enter your billing information to create your account. You will be billed every 30 days. If you signed up for a free trial, you will sign up by entering your billing information to create your account and your card will be charged after the trial period. 

Yes! You must contact and your account can be adjusted. That is the only way to adjust your account. 

Please contact to connect with our team. This is the only way to get support at this point in time for the best possible experience. Please do not contact us via personal emails, social media direct messenger or posts on social media. 

You will get access to (2)  trainings every 30 days. These trainings will always be available to you in your portal.

You can learn at your own pace. Trainings will always be available to you at any time in your member portal! We suggest blocking out 10 minutes each day for 14 days to complete (1) training at a time. This gives you time to learn, ask questions and implement. Make sure you put what you learn into action to get the best possible results! You can also participate in our weekly LIVE Q&A sessions.

Social Salad Society, Digital Acceleration Academy, the Support Society, The Marketing Firm, LLC and any other digital products or services offered by Social Salad Society does not issue refunds.

Results are not guaranteed, but results from our strategies have been proven due to consistent action, putting in the time to implement, testing the strategies and asking questions. The time it takes you to achieve your desired results is dependent upon your goals and actions.

Please find our Terms & Conditions for Social Salad Society and Digital Acceleration Academy here: 


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