Learn how to get in front of your target audience, build credibility and generate more leads through social media with our ORGANIC social media marketing trainings, mindset lessons + resources delivered monthly!


Scale your business with strategic methods through lead generating tactics to produce results online. Strategy, skill building and consistent action will lead you to acquiring leads for your service or product based business. Lack of strategy leads to lack of results! Upgrade your business with our weekly trainings and resources that will teach you how to generate leads in a strategic manner to save you time and drive traffic. Learn how to implement and automate! Increase visibility, boost engagement and get more leads!


When one strategy doesn't work, that means you are closer to another strategy that will! Success comes from testing strategies, analyzing results and consistently building your skills. That is why we believe that mindset + entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Our trainings provide mindset resources, productivity guidance and real life scenarios to guide you in the right direction. We always want to see you making progress. Giving up is not an option at Social Salad Society!


We are your very own, professional accountability partner and are here to support you every step of the way! There isn’t a “one way fits all” method for education, which is why we provide visual + audio trainings, resources and tools for all different types of learners. Enjoy 24/7 access to ask us anything at anytime about lead generation on social media in our VIP Facebook Group. You’re about to receive unlimited support, daily accountability and the opportunity to speak to us first hand.

Your Lead Generation Experience

The Digital Acceleration Academy is your one stop shop for organic social media marketing trainings. This space was designed to save you time and money by delivering easy-to-implement weekly strategies that will help you to increase visibility on social media and profit without spending a penny. Every training and resource will allow you to go at your own pace, customize and build new skills. Our membership provides detailed lessons, structure for organization, examples and the support you need to generate leads on social media. 



Go at your own pace. New trainings delivered MONTHLY!

AND so much more. + You get the opportunity to submit training requests that we will custom develop for you IN ADDITION to what you are already receiving.

Explore organic growth tactics for social media every single week! We deliver well-rounded lead generation and marketing education. Members have access to trainings at any point in time. Lessons are detailed. We provide audio and visual training. Trainings come with action item checklists, resources and unlimited support ALL for less than $1 per day!

Followers + MORE members does NOT = MORE money. Education, skill building and consistent action will help you to generate leads and scale your business. Every training, tool and resource you receive is meant to help you expand your knowledge to generate leads and pull together your marketing strategy.

This is your Netflix of Social Media Marketing because you can watch new lessons every single week to apply to your business!

Why waste time continuously taking action on a strategy that isn’t getting you closer to your goals?

It’s the uncertainty of the unknown that leaves our business stagnant.

We all know that if we continue taking the same actions, then we will get the same results.

Let’s create certainty through consistent training, testing, accountability and support!

Everything you find within the Digital Acceleration Academy has been intentionally designed to save you time, create certainty and develop the structure you need to begin scaling your online business!

Think of this as grabbing a coffee from Starbucks TWICE every 30 days.

Except, this delicious iced coffee in particular is going to make you money.

This is an experience to learn from the experts who spent YEARS failing and taking risks in order to understand the BEST lead generation tactics on social media. We are giving online business owners the opportunity to learn what works, what doesn’t work, how to drive traffic and providing the ability to teach you how to customize the trainings, tools and resources to your business so that you can PROFIT!

We address struggles, answer questions, provide solutions to pain points and keep you motivated to take action throughout the process.

Results require action. How will you invest in yourself?


Let's implement systems that work. Accelerate, profit and grow together.

Monthly Signup

$ 19 Per Month
  • FREE BONUS COURSE: How To Build A Profitable Facebook Group
  • (2) Lead Generation Trainings Every Month
  • Gain Access to Quarterly Guest Experts
  • Exclusive VIP Members Only Facebook Group
  • Weekly Q&A LIVE Training Sessions
  • Monthly Goal Setting Sessions
  • 24/7 Support + Accountability
  • Work At Your Own Pace


Pay as you go. Cancel at anytime.

Value is our priority and so are results, which is why we made this lead generating membership experience accessible for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business. When you join, enjoy a FREE course (worth $997) on How To Build A Profitable Facebook Group as your welcome gift in addition to your first (8) lead generation trainings.

Commit to scaling your business, begin building new skills and implement the strategic methods you receive in your monthly trainings!


Become a member of our VIP Facebook Group for unlimited support ONCE you’ve become a member of the Digital Acceleration Academy!